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A small shop in Sydney, handmade Japanese treasures.
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a bamboo plant in a pot on the side of a building
About Mosir Life shop...
Two years have gone since we moved out from our physical shop Glebe and at the time we hoped to reopen else where🌿After so many days, weeks and months of looking and discussing it we decided to keep only our online store.We will do our...
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We are moving...
Sat 16
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Introducing Mosir Creative
You might have noticed that along side our main body of Japanese work we have our own handmade items which feature at our little shop in Glebe, Sydney.We thought it was time to officially introduce to you Mosir Creative.Mosir Creative ...
two wooden racks with clothes on them in front of a white brick wall and wood floor
New Arrival - Clothes & Towel Throw Stand
Mosir Life Creative is extremely happy to present our Clothes
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Thank you 2017
Thank you very much for everyone who has supported us through 2017.Your support makes our vision come to life.Have a wonderful New Year!We look forward to seeing you in 2018 where we will feature some wonderful new works from artists ...
a bamboo plant in a pot on the side of a building with an open door
A New Colour
We are very happy to share our new look shop front with you, its has been a while coming but finally it has come to life.With a love of Shou-sugi-ban/Yakisugi we created our step and side frames with this traditional Japanese technique...
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Meet Mosir Life's Tea growers
Meet Mosir Life's Tea growers
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Yes we are OPEN
We are officially open on Saturdays 10:30-16:00Come in and take a break from your busy lives, enter our small shop and surround yourself with our zen space and maybe find something you love and can enjoy for a long time. See you soon!
an empty room with shelves and other items
The rich warmth of Mosir Life.
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The beginning of Mosir Life's journey
The space was just a car garage when we first discovered it in early 2016.In mid 2016 we ended up spending time in Japan, rediscovering all the amazing things Japanese people and the culture has to offer, a treat for all the sens...
a wooden bowl sitting on top of a table next to a bamboo plant in front of a tv
Mosir Life - Handmade Japanese Homeware
A warm inviting view into the heart of Mosir Life, a small shop.
a wooden table with bowls and plates on it in front of a wall mounted panel
Mosir Life - Handmade Japanese Homeware
On display, a small selection of beautiful handmade white ceramic homeware at Mosir Life, a small shop.