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a black and white poster with the words pray for your misquary written on it
I wanted to create a coloring page to introduce kids to missions and praying for missionaries. #missionaryprayerkids
africa coloring page with an elephant and giraffe
Africa | Worksheet | Education.com
Africa Coloring Page Worksheet
a woman standing next to a map of africa with the country's name on it
Africa - Free Lesson Plans for Teachers & Interactive Online Free Games for Kids
Africa - Free Lesson Plans & Games for Kids
a dollar bill cross with the words fix god we trust
Dollar Bill Origami CROSS "In God We Trust"~ Great idea for giving money with a focus on what real cheches are. (Would include larger denominations.)
an image of two african men in traditional costumes with paper dolls on their heads and arms
Traditional African Costumes Paper Dolls (for teaching kids about Africa)
a wall with many pictures and a world map on it
Great idea to display a way to pray for missionary families - DIY World Map wall decoration
a map of ukraine with all the major cities and rivers labeled in red, yellow and blue
Landing Page
Ukraine: The conflict continues.
the brazil map is shown in yellow and has different languages, numbers, and colors
Brazil - Compassion Explorer
Here's a great story for kids. A day-in-the-life of a boy from Brazil as he goes to school. Would make a great teaching resource!
the words 10 missional ways to meet your neighbor's needs are in white letters
10 Ways to reach out and missionally serve your neighborhood
Want to share Christ with the area you're already living in? Use these ideas to help you get started!