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the doll is wearing a blue dress and brown shoes
Wooden art doll, Little doll, mixed media
two dolls are standing next to each other
a doll with blonde hair is sitting on a table next to beads and other items
Fairyland of dolls
a small doll with blonde hair wearing a red dress and brown scarf laying on wooden planks
a close up of a doll with blonde hair and no shirt on, looking straight ahead
repaint tutorial – I Am Loved Dolls
repaint tutorial – I Am Loved Dolls
Fimo, Fashion Dolls, Barbie, Upcycling, Haar, Bratz Doll
Tutorial: Bratz Makeunder/Natural Repaint Pt. 1
an assortment of sea shells and other items in a wooden box on a white surface
four baby clothes are laid out on a blue and white tablecloth with floral designs
vintage hankie dresses
vintage hankie dresses by Gingermelon, via Flickr
two dolls are sitting on a table in front of a wall with pictures and clocks
New yoyo babies in shop
two snowmen on a wooden tray next to spools of thread
improvisational doll making – part 1
the doll is next to some sewing supplies
experimenting with dolls : a workshop at squam