ronbeckdesigns: “ Now called Grass Tree (were once known as Black Boys), Australia ”

Grass trees, Xanthorrea, Australia (also called black boys)

Tasmanian Blue Gum Botanische illustratie ~ Australian Geographic Magazine Issue 130-0

Tasmanian Blue Gum Botanical Illustration is the sixth of 8 paintings featured in the Nature Watch section of Australian Geographic Magazine Issue 130

Early morning catches the bark of a ghost gum and the domes of Kata Tjuta in full splendour. I had the permission of local Aboriginal elders to photograph here, and it was out of respect for their traditional beliefs that I purposely included more than just one of Kata Tjuta’s domes in the composition. But this was back in the days before bureaucrats began over-regulating this national park. Nowadays, ninety-five percent of the Kata Tjuta area, including the location pictured here.

Early morning catches the bark of a ghost gum and the domes of Kata Tjuta, Central Australia.

Boronia pinnata by Edward Minchen from: 'The Flowering Plants and Ferns of New South Wales - Part 6' (1897)

Boronia pinnata, Pinnate Boronia , is a plant in the Boronia genus that grows on sandstone soils in New South Wales. It is a common species that is found from coastal up to lower mountain levels.

Fine Art Card  Eucalyptus Caesia Silver Princess by GumnutGallery

Fine Art Card - "Eucalyptus Caesia" Silver Princess Gum taken from original botanical water-colour painting