Japanese Ceramics

Collection by James Whiting


Ceramics by Japanese artists. I've got other ceramics / pottery boards: James Whiting Ceramics, Miscellaneous Ceramics, and Ceramics Videos.

James Whiting
Satoshi Nishikawa - Teapot


ヨーガンレール/Jurgen Lehl, ババグーリ/babaghuri公式ブログ。衣服、生活用品、雑貨、お菓子の紹介、その他イベント情報などをお届けします。

Chojiro - Tea bowl #chawan

Chōjirō | Black Raku Tea Bowl | Japan | Momoyama period (1573–1615) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Artist: Chōjirō (1516–?1592). Period: Momoyama period (1573–1615). Date: early 17th century. Culture: Japan. Medium: Earthenware with black raku glaze...

Goro Suzuki - Stacked boxes


(Mud)Bucket is a blog about contemporary and indie ceramic art: pottery and sculpture and everything in between. Included are occasional spots about being a student of ceramics and other related technical topics. Occasional posts about non-ceramic, contemporary artists as well.

Kamoda Shoji | 'Tsubo', 1972

Japanese Ceramics Now, #13, Weekly Story by Aoyama Wahei, Ceramic Myths, March 7, 2005

Japanese Ceramics Now -- Weekly Column by Aoyama Wahei for E-Yakimono.net