My Funny Random Educational Weird Stuff On YouTube

You will find some of the more strange videos with a weird comedy twist that I have uploaded along with how to vids and whatever else I upload that does not fit into the other categories here.
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The "Stop Rain Dance" - A Motorcycle Story - YouTube

Once there was a motorcycle and it's rider. This is the harrowing tale of their desperate plight to stop the rain.

▶ Watch Me Flog | World's First Forklift Vlog? - YouTube

Watch Me Flog Myself! Am I the world's first "Flogger" (Forklift Vlogger)? Intro & Trailer Music Courtesy of Captain Cranky. An awesome musician and regular.

The Mystical Powers Of The Captain Cranky T-Shirt - YouTube

I recently won a T-Shirt from a fellow motovlogger, but little did I realise it has mystical and quite strong magical powers that could prove really deadly i.

Black Sabbath - "NIB" Live, Brisbane, Australia April 2013 - YouTube

Black Sabbath performing "NIB" Live at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Australia April 2013 Sound and video quality is not the best from my phone, bu.

GoPro Motovlogging Set Up (How To Destroy A Hero3 Case)

In this video I show you how I set up my newly acquired GoPro Black Edition so that I can talk clearly to the camera from inside my motorcycle helmet w.

My Arrows Only Go In One Direction

This is kind of weird. Whenever I shoot my arrows, they keep going in one direction! Very strange!

Shooting a 44 Magnum, Gold Coast, Australia

There is no way that Dirty Harry could have been as accurate with the weapon as he was in the films!