Will definitely be using Glogster this year!  40+ Ways to Innovative Using Glogster EDU

40+ Ways to Innovative Using Glogster EDU

ABC Splash is a free website offering digital learning content and tools for kids, along with 100s of teaching resources across English, Maths, Science, History and more. So, whether you're a primary or secondary teacher, or a student, ABC Splash has got it covered!

Teacher Resources - a step list for teachers to help them make use of specific collections in the ABC Splash site

Digital and multimodal texts in the syllabus These links contain resources to support you in creating your own digital and multimodal texts..

example of multimodal text from the digital novel"Inanimate Alice' links to websites to create different types of texts

Digital and Multimodal Texts list from nswcurriculumsupport.wikispaces.com

This Workshop The syllabus is explicit in the need for students to not only “read” and respond to digital and multimodal texts but also.

Two infographics: Apps and Websites tools for creating multimodal texts

Creating multimodal texts A text may be defined as multimodal when it combines two or more semiotic systems. There are five semiotic systems in total:

The Literacy Shed | Australian Curriculum - Eng...

A website for teachers filled with ideas for literacy teaching using visual resources such as film, animation, photographs and picture books.

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