Dog In A Dog! such a fun idea! (full recipe and video on blog...)

Hot Dog Inside A Dog Recipe. So, I decided to no longer eat hot dogs, but maybe I could do this with a veggie one.

print out the Caterpillar Straw Template I made, attach to straws, pick your favorite snacks from the book (or whatever you have on hand), and let the kids use their straws to "nibble" through their food.

Another easy 'Book and a Snack' idea from Gourmet Mom on the go. The Hungry Caterpillar with bites taken out of your food! You can also add to this idea further, with our easy craft ideas for kids : )

Grapes + Apples + Pears = revved up snack! This website has a ton of cute ideas for healthy fun foods for kids.

Easy Apple & Grape Cars you need for 1 car 2 toothpicks, 1 apple slice and 4 grapes

sandwich on a stick... fun picnic food!  Great idea for Noah...I have to deconstruct his sandwich anyways!

Sandwich on a Stick: How do you turn a sandwich into a fun snack? Make it a stick-wich! I think I would put this on a thin straw or a straw-like stir stick for really small children rather than a wooden skewer.

Another fun table decoration with a light built-in treat to have with coffee after lunch.

: Thank You gifts Cookie flower bouquet Cute idea. Use GS cookies and also place SB gift card on it?

A fun butterfly snack made with a banana, graham crackers,  raisins, a couple of food picks and some Smarties...For more ideas for school lunches visit

Butterfly snacks - a simple banana and decorated graham cracker snack

Banana Graham Butterflies - perfect treat for welcoming Spring. Add peanut butter on wings so that the candy pieces stick.

Pancake and fruit kite breakfast

Pancake and fruit kite breakfast (Strawberries are a great source of fiber but kids will just think this is FUN! Healthy food lets kids produce healthy poo that makes easier.

Tea cup

Cups and saucers

Robin Toast with Peanut Butter  Jelly and a Gummy Worm Treat!

Toasty Robin Snack - a fun snack while studying Zoology 1 - Flying Creatures from Jeannie Fulbright and Apologia

Fish in the sea

Rice cakes or popcorn cakes Whipped cream cheese Blue food coloring Goldfish crackers

Fun food ideas for the kids

Wouldn't Veggie Man be fun for the kids to put together? I think they would love it. Just have a photo of Veggie man for them to look at! Who knows, they might even eat a vegetable! Feeding Four Little Monkeys

The wonderfully creative Ida Frosk thought of every last detail with this sailboat mural — check out the red pepper seagulls! Source: Instagram user idafrosk

Fun Food Ideas For Kids wonderfully creative Ida Frosk thought of every last detail with this sailboat mural — check out the red-pepper seagulls!

Sometimes food can be fun! Maybe adding a creative flare to some food will make meal time more exciting!

Too much fun with your food! Who says you cant play with your food. Why not. What kid wouldn't want to eat this. Not that we have time to make every meal this fun. But try for once a week. Kids will at least be more willing to try foods.

Snowwhite snack

Krispy Apple Treats It's time for some fun School Snacks! How about these adorable little Rice Krispy Apple Treats?