traditional Aboriginal games

Traditional Aboriginal games have many benefits and enjoy growing interest.Here’s a collection and brief description of many traditional games.

Australian Indigenous Activity Book for Kids

Go Fair Trading provides multicultural and aboriginal resources for kids produced by international talented artists!

Aboriginal Dot Painting

Dilly-Dali Art: Aboriginal Dot Painting-Australia Day craft - use the easy dot painters. even littlies can try/ or cotton buds?

Understanding Bush Foods - ABC Splash Video Clip - Do you know of any Australian bush foods? Have you tasted any? Can you think of some methods that Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people may use to obtain and prepare traditional bush food?

Did you know that you can mix the nectar from some native flowers with water to make a sweet drink? Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens of Syd.

ABC Splash - Food plays an important role in constructing ideas about cultural identity. This clip explores how the recent growth of interest in 'bush tucker' is generating greater understanding of Aboriginal peoples' cultural identities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures - ABC Splash. A collection of 26 resources to assist the teaching of culture, foods, people and stories.

Growin Up Strong: Teacher Resource Book

Growin' Up Strong: Teacher Resource Book - This Teacher Resource Book supports the CD, providing background information and teaching notes. It enables non-Aboriginal teachers to easily implement an Aboriginal perspective into their classroom programs.