This Kathy Knudsen recipe is in Taste Magazine (February 2014, p18).

Choc top caramel slice

This slice has it all - gooey caramel, crunchy chocolate rice bubbles and a silky chocolate top.

I would consider the acai powder and chia seeds optional - have made something similar to this with just the coconut, oats & strawberry ingredients.

Strawberry balls

These super-easy raw balls are healthy, bite-sized and perfect for busting hunger - keep these on hand for kids or guests.

Lime and cranberries add zesty sweetness to these healthy snack balls.

Lime, cranberry and coconut balls

From sweet to savoury, here are all our favourite ball-shaped foods that we’ll be snacking on this year.

This pecan pie slice by Lucy Nunes is in Super Food Ideas - May 2015, p84.

Pecan pie slice

Pecan pie slice - We've turned our favourite pecan pie into a fabulous slice.

These tempting little balls are a delightful combination of sweet and crunchy.

Apricot and chia balls

Apricot & chia balls - these tempting little balls are a delightful combination of sweet and crunchy.

These crunchy muesli bars are the perfect lunch-box fillers.

Honey muesli balls

Bliss balls are great for kicking bad sugar to the kerb and making snacking on the good stuff fun. Here are 7 nut-free bliss balls to get their lunches rolling!

B - next time you visit Qld, I can make this for you if you want. Looks very you!

Mars Bar and Malteser Cheesecake

Coconut water & frozen fruit of choice - nice.

So easy, just cut fruit of your choice (we used strawberries and grapes), place into the container and then pour coconut water on top and freeze for 2 hours.

This classic lemon slice recipe by Valli Little & Sarah Murphy is in delicious (May 2014, p120).

Lemon and coconut slice

Lemon and coconut slice. This classic lemon slice is perfect for afternoon tea.

Light, refreshing and tangy, this baked lemon tart is a timeless classic.

Baked lemon tart

It seems you can’t resist baking something a little bit zesty. Here are a few lemony dishes to make life complete.