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I actually have thought of that before. But they spent so much time with them, surely he TOLD them what happens.<<<<< this

Wait what. It's true. Holy fracking whaaat--- no no wait HOLD UP yes they do River tells them when they see the Doctor killed by the astronaut! (It's true they never *see* the doctor regenerate though)

Also, if Moffat has anything to do with it, just turn your little self around and go watch something else.

ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. Besides doctor who. I'm not putting myself through that<<< it’s too late for me, I’ve finished Sherlock, I’m rewatching Merlin, I’ve started supernatural and I’ve finished doctor who. for the second time.

Star Trek Meme - All about that space no tribbles - Hearts and Laserbeams

Funny Star Trek Meme - All about that space no tribbles - the look on Shatner's face, guys. "Captain's log, this is ridiculous." I wanna give Captain Kirk a hug and tell him it'll be okay.

Kaylee from Firefly as Amy Pond from Doctor Who on Supernatural. Yes. My reaction exactly.

I THOUGHT SO! Granted, I wasn't a Whovian the last time I saw that episode, but I knew the name Amy Pond was related to Doctor Who. [Kaylee from Firefly as girl on Supernatural with Doctor Who alias.

Misha Collins & William Shatner

-invites William Shatner to guest star on episode of Supernatural- -fights William Shatner- xD jk - Misha Collins' and William Shatner's friendship is one of my favorite things ever tbh

"What was your reaction when you got the role?" #DoctorWho

"What was your reaction when you got the role?"--Matt Smith's answer proves he was perfect for the Doctor.} Don't get me wrong I loved Eccelston and Tennant too, but there was something about Matt!

Oh.. The feels...

"She is to the Doctor what his companions are to him. She's an archeologist-- the only one who can see something whole out of broken pieces. And the doctor is so broken that only an archeologist would know where to start rebuilding.

thatbradoesnotfither: Here is an excellent graphic showing how a bra should fit! If your shoulders hurt at the end of the day, or you find yourself constantly re-adjusting your bra, it might be a good idea to re-evalute your bra size and find a bra that’s good enough to support your awesome boobs. (It’s the bra’s fault—not yours!) If your bra does not meet all this criteria you need to measure yourself PROPERLY ok, Victoria’s Secret does not count at all chances are you are not ...

Omg the BEST guide to bra fitting EVER! The girl knows her stuff and her humor is fricken hilarious! Must read, must pin! NEWSFLASH: you are definitely wearing the wrong size bra. This guide to bra fit will change your life.