Matty's Paradigm: What is Matty's Paradigm?

A Bible-based complete plugin replacement for the theoretical foundation of modern science. Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation. Jesus Christ is Lord!
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Measure the Heavens: The Faith of Astronomy

On display in Padua the portrait of young Galileo painted in It was thought to have been lost now possible to see .

Geocentrism, Geocentricity and Flat Earth

Geocentrism, Geocentricity and Flat Earth

The Decay Constant Isn't

Ernest Rutherford – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Evidence is Irrelevant

The physical world that we can see is the evidence of its past. Evidence such as a fossil skull is what it is: proof that something happened at an earlier time. What I think it is evidence of is ba…

What is Matty's Paradigm?

What is Matty’s Paradigm?

Evolution or Jesus?

There is no reason to argue a case for Creation from within the theoretical construct of evolution, but that is what a lot of people try to do. When I say evolution I am referring to the origin of …

God Does Not Lie

Who says that God wears cloth? All that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel informs us is that Michelangelo decided to depict God as wearing cloth.