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10 Most Rare Dog Breeds   and I want most of them. Just the big dogs. Not the little ones. I'm not a huge fan of little dogs. But give me a big dog and I'm all set. (:

10 Most Rare Dog Breeds and I want most of them. Just the big dogs. Not the little ones. I'm not a huge fan of little dogs. But give me a big dog and I'm all set. (:

Australian Dingo - Canis dingo - Found in Australia - Regarded as a subspecies of the domestic dog.

‘Australian Dingo’ by Froggie

'Australian Dingo' by Froggie. Caught in his territory keeping an eye on the ground.

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Featherdale Wildlife Park #Sydney #Australia                Dingo

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Dingo baby


The Newest and Cutest Exotic Baby Animals from Zoos and Aquariums Around the World!

Dingo pups - Australia (wild native dogs) are born in average litters of five....can reach 10. They become independent by 3 or 4 months.

These dingo pups.

Forget the deadly snakes and spiders. Australia's animals will melt your heart.


Minister replies on dingo report

SUSTAINABILITY Minister Kate Jones has dismissed an Opposition report recommending a “humane approach” to dingo management on Fraser Island.

Salvá-lo de captura hostil, de salto do tigre súbita no canto; Proteja sua casa, de raio proteger, da ruína gradual espalhando como uma mancha; conversão de trovão de vagas para determinado Levar alegria, trazem dia de seu retorno, afortunado com o dia que se aproxima. , inclinando-se com o amanhecer.

The Iconic Dingo

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World' rarest dog breeds / 5. Carolina Dog: Also known as the American Dingo, the Carolina Dog actually started out as a wild and free roaming dog. It was discovered in the cypress swamps of the Southeastern United States around the 1970s, and is now bred in captivity.

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Dingoes, though generally associated with Australia, likely originated from Southeast Asia and were introduced to Australia about 3,000 years ago.

Dingo | National Geographic

Follow the trail of this famous candid from Southeast Asia to Australia. Learn the hunting tactics of the successful predator.

Dingo, Fraser Island,

Dingo, Fraser Island, Australia

Dingo, Fraser Island, Australia. Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as most "favorited" (according to flickr)

Os filhotes Dingo nascidos no jardim zoológico de Fort Wayne Children em 30 de janeiro estão crescendo rápido! Nestas novas fotos do jardim zoológico, os filhotes podem ser vistos brincando em seu ambiente ao ar livre. Dingoes puros são cada vez mais rara na natureza devido a hibridação de espécies com os cães domesticados. As seis semanas de idade filhotes são fortes e confiantes, e entre wrestling e jogar, o seu pit stop favorito é este grande tronco oco!

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo's Dingoes Are Growing Up Fast!

The Dingo pups born at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo on January 30th are growing up fast! In these new photos from the zoo, the puppies can be seen frolicking in their outdoor environment. Pure Dingoes are increasingly rare in the...

Dingo (é uma sub-espécie de lobo, assim como o cão doméstico)

Anarchy Dingo

The Internet is a wonderful tool that allows you to find out really useful things. It also allows you to find out that an anagram of Haydon Racing is "Anarchy Dingo". I can't decide which version I like better. Isn't that just the cutest little anarchist you ever saw? He makes me want to denounce all property as theft. On the other hand, I really want a stuffed animal version of him.