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Mubashar Ahmed

Mubashar Ahmed
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Make Cute Garden Markers with Painting Stones

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones! Are you wondering how to make garden markers? Create them by painting stones with your child and have a lot of fun, coming up with silly faces for vegetables.

Do Plant in a Pot in Pot Landscaping Design

20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas Dig a hole for your seasonal plants and fill it with an empty plastic pot. Now you can just drop your seasonal flowers (or herbs and veggies) in there and easily switch them out once they’re ready to retire.

Saving Soil with Old Cans When Planting Deep Planters

Saving Soil with Old Cans When Planting Deep Planters Save soil, save money, grow better plants: For deep planters, layer the bottom with old cans and cheap plant pots to save on potting soil. This tip provides good drainage and better airflow.

How To Build A DIY Compost Bin

This DIY compost bin is sturdy, easy to open, has good airflow, and latches closed to keep out critters! Free plans and full tutorial here!