White Whiteley: the portrait of Patrick White by Brett Whiteley

Patrick White at Centennial Park, by Brett Whiteley oil, collage on canvas on board Parliament of New South Wales Collection

Four views of Patrick White

Four views of Patrick White, 1991 - by Brett Whiteley pen, brush and black ink, gouache, collage on ivory cardboard Art Gallery of New South Wales Brett Whiteley Studio

Patrick White, écrivain australien

Australian author Patrick White with cat ‘Tom Jones’ photographed by Axel Poignant

'Voss' - Patrick White by letslookupandsmile, via Flickr

'Voss' - Patrick White by I have read this three times - Deborah

Patrick White

Patrick White

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1973 was awarded to Patrick White "for an epic and psychological narrative art which has introduced a new continent into literature".

Patrick White

Portrait of Patrick White in front of The Galaxy, by Sidney Nolan, 1963

The Cockatoos - Patrick White

The Cockatoos by Patrick White. The wild and beautiful birds of the title are the cockatoos who - welcome trespassers i.

Patrick White

Artscape programme aired called Will They Read Me When I'm Dead? ABC promotion photo from The Sydney Morning Herald

Patrick White

Patrick White (born 28 May, died 30 September, pictured above in a photograph made in 1957 by Hugh Clunies Ross From an early chapter in White’s 1957 novel, Voss: ‘Few people of attainments take easily to a plan of self-improvement.