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a man sitting at a desk on the side of a street next to a tree
The Drive-Thru for Cyclists: A Table Uses Your Bike As a Chair
Drive thru for cyclists. This clever seating and serving idea can be a great idea for a commuter foodservice pop-up! Popup Republic
The Maboneng Precinct Street, Art, Urban, Street Art, Work Fun, Insight, More Fun, Urban Intervention, Intervention
The Maboneng Precinct
The Maboneng Precinct
people are walking up and down the steps painted with flowers on them in front of a building
Origami Street Art – Mademoiselle Maurice pour ARTAQ | Ufunk.net Wow c'est trop beau !!! #mademoisellemaurice
an orange ball is thrown into a metal can
Hack The City @ The Science Gallery
a red box sitting on the side of a road next to a curb with grass growing inside
Cute Urban Greenhouses Protect Wild Plants That Spring Up on City Sidewalks
Wild urban vegetation is often ignored, so art students Audrey Charré, Clémentine Schmidt and Luc Beaussart came up with these cute ‘Urban Greenhouses‘ to honor plants growing in cracks in buildings or sidewalks. The brightly colored 3D spaces protect plants from being stepped on or knocked over, honoring life while calling attention to the vital force of nature in urban environments!
a pole on the sidewalk with numbers painted on it
urbansocialblog: Sundial in Maastricht Hacking the city. This is brilliant.
several pink umbrellas floating in the water near a park with trees and buildings behind them
Rainy Day
Umbrellas In The Canal #umbrellas, #parks, #pinsland, https://apps.facebook.com/yangutu/
there are three different images of the same street
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of juliana santacruz herrera
two people laying on the ground in front of some colored circles and letters that spell out numbers
kate spade new york
there are many stairs painted on the side of this building and cars parked in front
Street Art in Valparaiso, Chile
Street Art in Valparaiso
there are several colorful paper clips on the sidewalk
street art
two people carrying books on their backs
Come on. This deserved a repin. Seriously. You don't see your favorite books always on you- literally- everyday. It's convenient, clever, and altogether quite legit. If I could find one of these, I would definitely get one. Kudos to whoever invented the mobile bookshelf. This is why this is what I chose as my Pin for the Day...4/12/13
an image of many different types of boats in the water
Hacking - Graphisme et interactivité
Des pièges dans la ville, du vol à létalage, des trous pour faire tomber les enfants... Florian Rivière lance une vraie guérilla urbaine !
two people sitting on the sidewalk near traffic cones
Parking Day NYC Isn't Activism, It's Unintentional Performance Art
Parking Day NYC