XC Ford Coupe...would love to rebuild one of these from the ground up

Importers of the Australian Ford Falcon - Mad Max Interceptor, Big Bopper, Nightrider and other MFP vehicles. Informational site about Australian cars: VH Charger, Holden Monaro.


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Chaz Mostert, Prodrive Racing Australia Ford takes the win

Chaz Mostert, Prodrive Racing Australia Ford takes the win at Winton

Australian Ford Falcon GT FG series "SHADOW"

2012 FPV Ford Falcon GT Black Edition (Australia) “ The Black Edition is based on FPV’s GT model, itself a high-performance version of the rear-wheel drove Ford Falcon sedan powered by a.

Phillip Island 2016

Phillip Island 2016

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Ford Falcon FPV GT RSPEC is Like a 4-Door Boss Mustang. For more, click http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2012/08/ford-falcon-fpv-gt-rspec-is-like-a-4-door-boss-mustang.html

Ford/FPV Falcon GT RSPEC - Not everyone wants to drive a Crown Vic or a Focus in North America, Ford! Bring some Aussie muscle over!