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Keeping the kids interested in mealtime can be tricky! Try these #tips for New Ways to Put Food in Your Mouth! #family #cooking #kids

It’s a Wrap: New Ways to Put Food In Your Mouth

Have you ever watched a toddler or very young child eat their meal? It’s an all-hands-on-deck affair, with very little consideration paid to how the food gets in their mouth – as long a…

Feeding kids can be hard work! These quick and tasty meals will please the whole family, no stress! #cooking #kids #family

Quick and Tasty Family Meals

If there’s one thing I’ve learned very quickly as a mum, it’s to have mealtimes planned well and in advance. The alternative, as most parents would attest, is not pretty. What be…

Beat family mealtime boredom with these great ideas for replacing mince in your everyday dishes. #meat #kids #cooking

Not Another Mince Recipe

No matter how many food blogs, cooking magazines and culinary television series you consume, the highest rung of the learning ladder will remain just out of reach – because there’s alwa…

Top 5 Benefits of Integrated Reporting Tools. Blog written for Nimblex. #blog #copywriting #contentmarketing

Top 5 Benefits of Integrated Reporting Tools - Nimblex

In today’s information age, knowledge alone is not enough to make a business competitive. Companies of all sizes have access to facts, figures and reports but unless this data is given context and corrective action, it has little or no effect on the bottom line. [ffb_paragraph_2 unique_id=”17ds8uqi” …

A Mobile App vs a Webpage that is mobile enabled – which app is right for your business? Blog written for Nimblex. #blog #copywriting #contentmarketing

A Mobile App vs a Webpage that is Mobile-enabled. Which is Right for Your Business? - Nimblex

These days, it’s hard to imagine life without mobile phones with apps or access to your favourite web sites. A mobile app is a tablet or smartphone application. In contrast to a mobile website, a mobile app needs to be downloaded and established, generally from …

How process automation and workflow make you look good for your customers. #blog #copywriting #contentmarketing

How process automation and workflow make you look good for your customers

Workflow automation can greatly improve your company’s ability to deliver what your customers want, when they want it.

How workflow automation can empower employees and drive business forward. #blog #copywriting #contentmarketing

3 Ways Workflow Automation = Success | Nimblex Blog | Flexible Software

Find out the 3 key ways automation puts your employees in charge of their workflow, leading to increased job satisfaction and helping drive your business forward.

Recruiters: 5 Key Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter #contentmarketing #copywriting #recruitment

5 Big Benefits of Copywriting for Real Estate and Property Professionals  #realestate #copywriting

Press Release | Chile comes to Sydney's Wharf | Prepared on behalf of LatinPR  #contentmarketing #copywriting

Chile comes to Sydney’s wharf this November

Urbane Commercial Property, Prahran Vic Australia | Website Content | #copywriting

Melbourne Commercial Property Management Specialist

Melbourne’s most trusted Commercial Property Management Agencies. We are actively engaged with the status of the Melbourne commercial market, are expertise is Commercial Management and Leasing.

Vote 1 for Brand Consistency | Written on behalf of Jim Schaefer | Pulse | LinkedIn #content #copywriting #marketing #blog

Vote 1 for Brand Consistency

Consumers crave novelty and excitement, but they also want certainty. Consistency.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Copywriter in Your Business | mWords Communications #content #copywriting #blog #marketing

Cloud accounting for SMEs | Mitchell Wilson

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