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Handmade gifts, art, accessories and homewares, often made at #mycrafternoons workshops or in my little home studio :)
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the folded napkins are wrapped in twine and tied up with a wooden tag
Shibori dyed napkin set
Japanese tie dye techniques learnt in. Crafternoon used on a set of napkins
a black and white drawing on wood in a frame
Little linocut print
Carved in a Crafternoon workshop Collab with artist, Britt Gow
four cards with flowers on them sitting on a table next to a person's hand
Watercolour floral thank you cards
Cutie patooties
Ceramics little ta-tas (*)(*) Ceramics
Boob earrings!
Ceramics little ta-tas (*)(*)
an abstract painting in blue and gold
Original Acrylic and Gold Leaf Canvas
Original artwork by Stacey Barnes. Sold in Hamilton’s not for profit community art Gallery: @mudgallery.
the letter b is drawn in black and white with an owl sitting on top of it
Illustrated Letter B
A hand-drawn illustrated B for baby Bobby! @mycrafternoons
a silver frame with a monogrammed l and j on it
Wedding Monogram - Floral Wreath
A hand painted artwork made for Lydia & James for their wedding ❤️
a woman holding up a painting in front of a blackboard with the words mixed media crafternoon on it
Mixed Media Collage Crafternoon
Stacey from @mycrafternoons with a collage inspired by @StudioMarlo in our collab!
a tie dyed banner hanging on a wall
Shibori and Copper Leaf Wall Banner
Handmade with love! @mycrafternoons
a hand holding a rock with an owl painted on it's face and yellow eyes
Painted Rock - Owl Craft
Made by Stacey from @my Crafternoons for my Mum’s garden!
two glass jars with candy canes tied to them on a wooden table next to each other
Creative Workshops | My Crafternoons | Grampians, Australia
Christmas Body Scrubs made at a Crafternoon Workshop
an egg sitting on top of a blue and yellow plate covered in art nouveau designs
Egg doodles :)
an egg with red and white dots on it sitting on a green cloth next to a cell phone
Egg painting :)
white and yellow flowers are hanging from the ceiling
Beautiful baby mobile for one adorable little girl..
a collage of photos with letters and kites
My Crafternoons Bunting Making Workshop for Ansett Aflight