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Paris 25 Strange Travel Tips From The Chinese Government love vintage travel posters Tasmania "Switzerland of the South!

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Tasmania - The North-West by James Northfield - Australian Vintage Posters - Travel Posters

Mining: Mt. Bischoff in Waratah Tasmania

Tin mining: continuing my story on Waratah The Beginning: Mining Era in Tasmania by Carol Haberle This is the story of a mining era that took .

Emu Bay railway, Waratah, Tasmania.

Histroy of Waratah


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Waratah: Tin Mining in Tasmania (Part 1)

History of tin mining: Waratah, the birthplace of the Tassie mining industry. Waratah: The History and The Tin by Carol Haberle Located just 40 m.

Beachside Retreat Giveaway - Accommodation near Stanley

We organised a Think Tasmania giveaway for Beachside Retreat West Inlet a while back. Business owners Janette and Chris Bishop offered a fabulous prize .