Elf on a Shelf

Elf antics that could inspire Fairy Visits.
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an elf is holding a sign that says elf kisses free and there are candy on the table
Residential Home
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an image of santa clause in a snow globe with other christmas decorations on the table
Uh oh... woke up trapped in a snowglobe!
a decorated christmas tree in the corner of a room with two signs on it that say feed me elves
a christmas tree with an elf doll hanging from it's side and the text, 24 zero effort elf on the shelf ideas
24 Zero Effort Elf on the Shelf Ideas!
24 Zero Effort Elf on the Shelf Ideas You Need this December!You know me, I don’t like faff. I like to keep things simple and I like to save time and effort where I can. This year is the first year that I’ve been roped into doing Elf on the Shelf. I’ve managed to avoid it for 4 years but after a trip to the States in the summer, a friend greeted me with my elf. Here he is!
a red and white christmas card with the words elf on the shelf written in red
Elf On The Shelf Stationary - Balancing Home
Elf on the Shelf Stationary! Blank for whatever letter or notes your Elf needs to leave.
an elf sitting on top of a box next to some cards and a christmas tree
Elf on the Shelf Printables: Random Acts of Kindness
Elf Acts of Kindness - Free Printables to use with your Elf on the Shelf #elfontheshelf #racks
an elf is sitting on top of a roll of toilet paper next to a christmas tree
Elf & Reindeer
an elf is sitting in a candy cane box with a sign that says, can you find all 12 candy canes?
Elf on shelf
an elf is sitting in the microwave with popcorn
Elf on the Shelf idea