Nanaimo Cheesecake

Nanaimo Cheesecake

This Nanaimo Cheesecake is a variation of the Nanaimo Bar in cheesecake form. Chocolate walnut coconut crust, vanilla custard cheesecake, and a chocolate ganache topping.

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Tim Tam Balls are a decadent combination of cream cheese mixed with various flavours of Tim Tam Biscuits. They freeze really well to so you can make them in advance! They make a nice change from …

Speedy Chocolate Mousse | Stay at Home Mum

Anything that is quick and contains chocolate is fantastic in my book. This 'adults only' Speedy Chocolate Mousse is just delicious and so easy to make. Great for a dinner party too!

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Chocolate Nut Free Weetbix SliceNut Free Version of the Delectable Weetbix Slice


Who can resist the decadent combination of banana and sweet caramel in this sweet golden pie