Super Rose by 3DPrinterSuperstore - Thingiverse

A beautiful rose with individual petals and a easy-print, strong stem. Perfect for Mothers day, Valentines day, or in a nice vase around the home!

Sauron's Ring - The Lord of the Rings by Katan - Thingiverse

From a lotr fan! Tip not included, so go ahead ;

Snowflake Gift Tag : Negative Cut by mortinus - Thingiverse

Print a tag to match the gift box with receivers initials. This is a negative space variant of the original snowflake gift tag.

Mother's Day Twisted Heart Vase by stash1280 - Thingiverse

twisted heart vase with "Happy Mothers Day" written along the top

Love Gift Tag w/ Monogram Cutout by mortinus - Thingiverse

The holidays aren't just about snowmen and reindeer! For some of us, it's about letting those we care about know we love them.

Twisted Heart Vase by Gyrobot - Thingiverse

Give something presented in this "thing" and offer your heart forever(ish). Watch my tw

Linear Twist by jasomarr - Thingiverse

- Solid infill Top and Bottom