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How to Move in a Combat Environment A @cbrnart Guide - Conduct SLLS before, during, and after a movement. Stop Look Listen Smell Look for routes that offer cover and concealment If you can stay hidden from the enemy then you can stay safe and engage on your terms. Cover is anything that you can put between you and the enemy that will protect you from whatever the enemy is trying to use to kill you. Concealment is anything that protects you from being seen or discovered by the enemy. A large rock that you can get your entire body behind is a good example of cover Thick bushes that you can hide in in without bei Remember, upwards- nature applying grows camo paint ide in without being upwards- applying camo paint discovered is a good vertically can break up shapes example of concealment. as opposed to horizontally 'Techniques to avoid being seen or heard: Change your direction slightly every so often if you're moving through thick brush or tall grass. It will slow down any pursuers and could potentially fool the enemy into believing it's just animal trails if they aren't smart. -Ifyou see animals being alerted, then you should be too. Birds flying away from where you're headed is a good sign that something is headed your way. Animals have better survival instincts than you do. -Trust your nose. If you've been out in the woods for a few days, you're going to smell like ass. But: that's good, because now you smell like nature. Avoid cigarettes and dip (That means you, Southern Sammy), and figure out your nicotine addiction without stinking yourself of cigarettes. The enemy might also be suffering in the woods with you and if you add scents such as deodorant, All sorts of things cigarette smoke, and hot steamy food, those scents WILL stand out like a sore food. telegraph thumb and can get you dead. At the same your presence. time, the enemy might have a dirtbag Be aware of it! soldier who sneaks a cigarette and now your little cracked-out nose is going to smell that from a distance if the wind is on your side. That can be a good telltale sign of enemy in the area. Techniques to avoid being seen or heard (con't) Avoid hardball roads but if you have to cross one: make sure you do at the location where you have to travel the shortest distance, where there is good cover and concealment, and when it is less likely to be traveled on. Sometimes this isn't always possible but these are the ideal characteristics you should be looking for when crossing a road. Avoid steep slopes that have loose dirt, stones, or snow. Setting off a rockslide can kick up dust that can be seen from very far away, and people will come to investigate. Don't give them a reason, be smart. Avoid open areas. Bad things happen to people that walk in open areas in combat Bloggins is walking in environments. You should also avoid an open area along a walking on ridgelines and tops of hills. ridge line, silhouetted The sun and moon will silhouette you against the sky. Don't against the skyline, making it easier for be this guy. the enemy to spot you from a distance. Movement in a combat environment when discovered (In combat) "If it keeps you alive and in the fight, then it's not wrong" -me Use common sense and trust your gut when under fire, but try to remember these techniques and tips as well. Don't be a camper- If you've ever played any shooting video game and someone is hiding behind cover after popping up and shooting at you, where are you going to be aiming? Where they popped up last. The Atropians play video games too, so where do you think they'll be aiming if you keep popping up and shooting in the same position? Change your firing position constantly. Leaders, if your training consists of getting on line and having people shoot from the same stagnant positions for more than 10 seconds at a time or from behind the same piece of cover, fix yourself. This is how you get your people killed. Everyone else, you need to learn to be a little bit selfish while training so when you're in combat you don't become a casualty. Casualties Switch up your breed casualties. When I say be selfish, mean keep yourself alive and don't be dumb. shooting positions Engage the enemy, reposition, re-engage. often and Staying on that left side of that tree is a good way to get your head turned inside out. unconventionally. Don't get your head turned inside out. This applies to bounding as well. Do a barrel roll, pop up from somewhere else and bound to your next piece of cover. Don't run out of the same portion of cover that you were just shooting out of. Avoiding Open Areas Contour around Detour bypass an open area method. Movement under fire in an open area- My advice? Don't. But if you have to, here are a few techniques that can help. Establish a support by fire Use smoke grenades Use indirect fire methods if available Do NOT 3-5 second rush if there is no cover and concealment. If you're ina field and you're bounding and you just stop to lay down you just became a stationary target. Stationary targets are easier to hit. DO rush to cover wherever that may be. It could be micro-terrain, a rock wall, etc. Do NOT bound in a straight line. If you Movement is life, do, you're making it easy for the enemy. stagnation is death. Look for cover and don't get pinned into a position. Before moving ensure you have your next piece of cover and concealment picked out, then take the most immediate route to it that offers the most cover and concealment. you have to, low crawl to it. Movement Formations There's a lot of them- they all have their pros and cons, and are dependent on the situation. So, we're going to focus more on the overall idea of formations. A good movement formation has these three characteristics. Control- Every person has a position and responsibility within the formation. While moving, you should always be able to see your first line leader. This is important because when a message is being passed down using a hand and arm signal, you need to be able to see it and relay it back to whoever is near you. Leaders, there will be times where you cannot see your entire element- don't panic. Your responsibility is to see the next leader. Your people should have a visual on you and if not, they should be scanning constantly to where they can see others. ALWAYS repeat hand and arm signals to confirm, and to pass along. Security- 360 degrees, always. But, flex your firepower depending on where the enemy is likely to attack you from. If you aren't sure, balance the firepower evenly across the formation to ensure that in the event of an attack, you will be able to properly defend your element. Flexibility- Nothing ever goes according to plan. 'This stays true with movement formations. Be adaptable to your environment and be flexible to your mission. Ifit keeps you alive and effective, then it's right. - iFunny
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