ocean water

As in the depths of the sea, the sun-crystal coastline, sun-kissed sands, opalescent ripples of water, cool cobalt shoreline.from above a picturesque stained glass sea of life. Oregon coast - photograph by Russell Tomlin.

Coral zoanthids – Photosynthetic Gorgs. They grow quite fast. Started from about 2" frags and now they are 6-7" with multiple branches

Ocean Stunning pictures of Coral Zoanthids – Photosynthetic Gorgs. They grow quite fast. Started from about frags and now they are with multiple branches

Banksia coccinea, Western Australia山龍眼紅花,西澳大利亞

GOD IS SIMPLY AMAZING! Banksia coccinea, Western Australia The Scarlet Banksia can still be found in a few nature reserves and national parks in the SW of Australia. It flowers in spring. It is to a minor extent grown for cut flowers, too.

One of our favourite native plants. Aussie grown, Aussie made! Yes, the banksia.

Banksia ~These Australian wildflowers and popular garden plants are easily recognized by their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting "cones" and heads.

Under the Sea

Seahorse's favorite habitat are coral reefs. This delicate grey seahorse is unusual and lovely

Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are??? :)


Port Jackson Painter  Watercolour and ink, c1788 - 1798, © Natural History Museum  Port Jackson Painter collection  This striking depiction of a snake formed part of Sir Joseph Banks’ personal collection of First Fleet art, donated to the British Museum in 1827.

thefirstpaganking: “ Illustration of a Diamond Python, Morelia spilota spilota, by an unknown artist associated with Port Jackson Painter. ” In almost every culture, the snake or serpent has been.

Digital Organic Art -5

Digital Organic Art

Raw & Rendered is the design pseudonym for Joey Camacho. The Raw & Rendered shop features a high quality, limited selection of his "Progress Before Perfection" artwork.

botanical art

Australian Botanical Illustration Banksia coccinea Scarlet Banksia artist: Ferdinand Bauer from: 'Illustrationes Florae Novae Hollandiae' by Ferdinand Bauer

Geissorhiza radians, known as the "Wine Cup", is a delightful rare gem from South Africa.

Geissorhiza - radians, a delightful rare gem from South Africa. Known as the "Wine Cup" Iris.

Dunes at Sunrise ~ Sahara, Egypt

Dunes at Sunrise Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World


Pineberry - is a strawberry cultivar. When ripe, it is almost completely white, but with red seeds. The fruit flesh can range from soft white to orange and is very fragrant with a slight pineapple flavor. I have never tasted one of these.