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The Early Years Institute shares what children learn from music and musical toys! Good resource to have to tell parents the benefits of music in children at young ages!

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The Early Years Institute shares multiple posters about what children learn in each center. Great for printing and posting in each center. Could also email to parents.

Bubbles Poster. For more Play pins visit: ≈ ≈

This poster expresses how important the simplest tasks are to learning and growth. just through blowing, chasing and shaking bubbles children learn a plethora of things important to their growth and maturity.

Facts About the Importance of Play More

Facts About the Importance of Play

When children play we often just think they're having fun, but research has shown that the benefits of play extend far beyond that in early childhood. Such a key resource in understanding the effects and benefits of play on early childhood development.

Why play is important. Information sheet for parents.

This article states information that explains why play is important in early learning. Allowing kids to learning develop in there own way.

Purchase this resource now and earn 12 Points Want a Discount...Like this resource using the social media icons & a discount will automatically be applied to your purchase at checkout. Share This poster links theorists and theories to the types of play. It also gives you an example of how you could link it to …

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What is art? Art is language. Nice to print out and give to parents

Toddler Art with Clara: A Child’s First Art Materials