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tim silver bakes bread in busts for sculptural oneirophrenia series // for this body of work, the artist has filled busts with raw bread dough which, as it rises, breaks through the figures’ plaster skin. from these results, silver then creates unique casts of each bust rendered in concrete, marble dust and pigment. the use of an organic medium that degrades over time confronts the traditional visions of the classical bust and creates random mutations of matter instead.

for this year's art basel hong kong, sullivan+strumpf gallery presents a selection of photographs and concrete busts by sydney-based artist tim silver.

Ah Xian (Chinese, lives in Australia) Porcelain casting, Appropriates styles and techniques of Ming Dynasty ceramics and Western portrait busts, Portraits/ cultural identity that explore ideas of "Chineseness"

An actual Picasso sculpture at the #NYU Silver Towers.

This Picasso sculpture is located on Bleecker Street in Soho. Entitled Bust of Sylvette, the sculpture sits in University Village.