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Interest in the integration of ICTs in Education. Japanese Language Teacher
Julian Nash
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Bill Gates: "How Do You Make a Teacher Great?" Part 1

Bill Gates discusses teaching, great teachers, and the compensation scale.a Master's of Education has little to do with effective teaching.

Do you Teach or Do you Educate?, via YouTube.

A teachers role isn't to teach the students content, but to educate them for the rest of their lives.

Steve Spangler - How to be an Amazing Teacher

Steve Spangler teaches teachers, and people in general, how to create unforgettable learning experiences with humor and attention-grabbing science demonstrat.

Brain Games: Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Math Without Leaving the Dinner Table

Professor Ming Ming Chiu from the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education is known for helping parents find teachable math moments.

Introduction to Second Life (historical view)

For those challenged by a number of problems Second Live offers a social life of considerable value. "Introduction to Second Life" (historical view)