Limited Edition Sacha Sleeping Fox Brooch in mint polka dot. "Curled into the corner of a green sloping hill. lay Sacha the sleeping fox. dozing peacefully after her evening fill.

Erstwilder Happy Glamper Brooch Accessories @ Collectif and Vintage Style Clothing and Rockabilly Collection

"Your presumption may have been that we love to play the field, yet our pair bond is amongst the strongest of all Erstwildlings.

Erstwilder Limited Edition Hundreds and Thousands Brooch - Autumn 2016

Buy Erstwilder - An Affair to Remember Brooch online. Each limited edition Erstwilder brooch comes beautifully presented in a gift box.

Shake, Rattle & Roll - Blue Colourway - "One milkshake two straws please Shirley. We’ll provide the rattle and roll!

Gingerly Awaiting Gina

'Gingerly Awaiting Gina' Mango Giraffe Brooch From the latest Erstwilder collection.

Mr Fantastic - "Cunning as he is Mr. Fox here is yet to find a way to upgrade his accommodation from ‘hole-dweller’ to something more aspiring.

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Erstwilder Pin Brooch Pepe the Pondering Panda Front