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Women In Design: Landscape Designer Fiona Brockhoff

Photo courtesy [Fiona Brockhoff Design](|target="_blank").

Coastal native garden

No water gardens

We design, build and maintain sustainable habitats that help to heal the earth, feel magical to live amongst, and create spaces where you can completely unwind. Our award winning landscapes are designed to last for generations and celebrate Australia's unique plant life.

Natural Pools - Garden Design - Billabonngs

Garden spills onto exposed ag. Garden in Canterbury, Vic - Phillip Johnson Landscapes

Native Australian Garden by Janine Mendel WA Landscape Designer

Entry Water Feature The Dalkeith Garden in Perth, Australia.

SUMMER COTTAGE G18 54 m2 summer cottage in Skagen, Denmark/

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grevillea Long John, upright rounded shrub tall x wide with thing, long needlelike leaves, Likes full sun and well-drained soil.

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8758822177_0e2be97895_b.jpg 1,024×683 pixels

Snowy River wattle (Acacia boormanii)

Acacias in bloom at UC Davis Arboretum