Waldorf Toys

Waldorf toys are made using natural materials , like wood, wool, and silk. They are lovingly handcrafted and can be played with in more than one way making them an open ended toy. Nourishing a child's senses, beautiful to behold and good for our environment. www.naturesnest.com.au
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Ostheimer Knight - Blue - Standing

Natures Nest is an online boutique of Natural, Sustainable, organic and eco-friendly products for babies

Waldorf alphabet cards

Grimm's Animal ABC Alphabet Cards - Waldorf Watercolor Artistic Letter Cards in English, Deck of 32 by Grimm's Spiel & Holz,

Sarah's Silks Silk Garland

Silk Hair Garlands at Abby Sprouts Baby + Child Store in Victoria, BC, Canada

Pure Silk Blanket - Rainbow

Our heavenly soft Silk Baby Blankets by Sarah's Silks are made from luxurious, durable silk with a yellow flannel lining. Both the flannel and silky sides will

Sarah's Silks Baby Lovey - Rainbow

Our new Silk Baby Lovey from Sarah's Silks is a soft and special blankie that babies and toddlers can take along wherever they go for security and comfort. A mini-version of our popular Silk Baby Blan

Sarah's silks - Rainbow Dolls Skirt

Extensive selection of Waldorf and peg doll making supplies. Fabrics, hair yarns, Joy's Waldorf Dolls kits, and patterns.

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