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Controversy surrounds Dr. Daniel Amen’s 7 types of ADD — each with its own unique ADHD symptoms, brain function, and neurotransmitter activity. What do you think of his theories and methodolo…

An internationally recognized authority on ADHD, Russell Barkley, Ph., explains how executive function deficits originate in the brain and how they may serve as early warning signs of ADHD.

Recipes for making your own {green} cleaning products

Green-Clean-Cleaning-Products-Eat-Clean-Recipes-How-to-make-your-own-granite-tub-window-glass-toilet-bowl-grout-hardwood-floor-cleaner-he-and-she-eat-clean.jpg pixels Cleaning tips, cleaning schedule, green cleaning

It's commonly called the KonMari method, and in a nutshell, it involves significantly paring down your belongings until you're left with only the items that spark joy or see regular use. Take the challenge now!

We can't get enough of organizational strategies. One tactic that pops up over and over again is that of Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo, check out her method.

The Happiness Planner 2016 (dated)

** BLACK planners are sold out! The Happiness Planner : Focus on What Makes You Happy The Happiness Planner is a planner like no other. Instead of focusing on productivity, it focuses on “your happine

Create a DIY Nebula or Galaxy jar , simple ingrediants for calming jar fun -

Create a DIY Nebula or Galaxy jar , simple ingrediants for calming jar fun / A CAlmi g jar om/diy-nebula-jar-instructions/

Cheap & Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes (That Wont Break the Bank)The kicker? Each recipe requires eight or fewer ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to prep. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups and salads,…