Thanks Reg Mombassa

Thanks Reg Mombassa daily visit to the rotary clothes line.

Scenery by Reg Mombassa - Australia Day Art

Scenery by Reg Mombassa - Australia Day Art. Fulfilling my Aussie nostalgia

Reg Mombassa

Own a limited edition signed reproduction by Reg Mombassa

Mambo exhibition

Mambo 30 by Reg Mombassa. This year, Mambo celebrates 30 years of shelf-indulgence for this iconic and unconventional brand. The Mambo 30 print featured in the retrospective exhibition of the same name that celebrated the work of the Mambo artists.

by Artist Reg Mombassa

Reg Mombassa (Chris O'Doherty) Hillside with Road and Car

Image - Australia Innovates

Mambo promotional poster designed by Reg Mombassa. Courtesy Mambo Graphics Pty Ltd.

I SOLD IT ON EBAY: Mambo Loud Shirts Blue Bitter Beer shirt is bright and bold. The image features a bottle of Mambo Bitter, cigarettes and a bong. Designed in Australia. #hawaiianshirts #mambo #beer

Some vintage Mambo stuff could work quite well