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Using the Past Perfect Tense

Clear explanation of the situations where we need to use the past perfect tense in English, with practice exercises.

In this article we are going to speak about some grammar tenses in English – Past Simple and Present Perfect. Here I have a table for you, so you can see how and when we can use these two gra… English Grammar Tenses, Teaching English Grammar, English Grammar Worksheets, English Verbs, English Fun, English Tips, Grammar Lessons, English Language Learning, English Study

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Lots of clear explanations about how to use the future perfect tense in English with exercises. English Grammar Basic, Learn English Words, English Phrases, English Language Learning, Perfect English, English Fun, English Tips, English Lessons, Grammar Posters

The Future Perfect Tense in English

Lots of clear explanations about how to use the future perfect tense in English with exercises.

Grammar mind maps - a fantastic way to illustrate concepts for the kids! Tenses English, Learn English Grammar, English Fun, English Lessons, English Vocabulary, Teaching English, English Games, English Resources, Mind Maps

Mind Map: The Present Simple Tense

Now, don't hesitate! Take your markers, color pencils and crayons and draw whatever you learn. You will absorb the new content much faster!