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Yes. Not many will tolerate the shit I did.

Yes. Not many will tolerate the shit I did.


I'm not saying you're a whore. I'm saying you're like a mosquito. You suck on a lot of people and no one knows what diseases you might be carrying.

Seriously! If you knowingly enter into a relationship with another woman's husband and believe anything he says than you are really naive and you get EXACTLY what you deserve when he breaks your heart to stay with his wife. One day karma will catch up to you and if you do ever marry, I hope your husband cheats on you so you will know what it's like to be betrayed by your spouse.

Take this to heart jewel. He left because he loves me enough to stop cheating. He's with you because of his shame and guilt.think how you would feel if it was you- your parents. A 20 year marriage destroyed.