Vodka cocktails in your dishwasher

Going to try caramel vodka for the salted caramel vodka hot chocolate!

Weekend slow cooked recipes

Osso bucco relies on slow cooking for its rich flavour and tender, melt-in-your mouth meat. It's the perfect meal to serve the family on a cold winter's evening.

The perfect self-saucing pudding recipe

Liquid gold awaits you when you break through the zesty almond cake crust. Orange and almond self saucing pudding

350-year-old iced chocolate recipe found

THE new discovery of a English recipe for an iced chocolate treat bears striking similarities with the modern-day drink.

Someone's invented a mathematical formula for the perfect afternoon tea...

Make Clotted Cream (Slow Cooker Method). from The Culinary Life. Since it takes hours to make clotted cream, a slow cooker is SO much better-Note: It's very important not to use ultra-pasteurized cream

The secret confessions of a barista

HAVE you ever bought a coffee and felt sorry for the poor soul who's trying to make 3 million flat whites in 10 minutes flat?

Winter comfort food made healthy

This healthier version of apple crumble proves hearty comfort food doesn't have to equal calories

10 foods you should never put in the fridge.

10 foods you should never put in the fridge

Healthy mid-afternoon snack ideas

IF someone handed a pack of chocolate biscuits around the office right now, you would be hard pressed to turn it down.

Chicken nuggets under the microscope

Chicken nuggets under the microscope

Simple pumpkin soup!

Australian roast pumpkin soup is packed with real flavour.Australian roast pumpkin soup is packed with real flavour.

Matt Preston's guide to sausages

THERE are certain things we tend to take for granted: the seasons, electricity, our mothers, fresh sausages.