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An increasing number of Australians are turning away from supermarket giants and toward Bunnings when shopping for household staples like cleaning and pet supplies in a bid to ease cost of living pressures.
‘I was shocked’: Surprising place Aussies are turning for grocery staples
An increasing number of Australians are turning away from supermarket giants and toward Bunnings when shopping for household staples like cleaning and pet supplies in a bid to ease cost of living pressures.
a group of people standing on the sidewalk near a sign that says rental inspection is in front of them
Bleak outlook for state’s renters
The number of homes occupied by renters in Victoria plummeted by more than 10,000 in the first three months of 2024, new data has revealed.
a woman riding on the back of a motorcycle
Uproar over real estate agent’s ‘unfunny’ post
A real estate agent has come under fire after asking people how they would market a tent pitched in a Queensland park that appeared to be lived in.
a green coffee mug with the word country printed on it's front and side
‘Burns, lacerations, and scalding’: product recall
Country Road has issued a product safety recall on a popular item due to fears of potential safety risks.
two story brick apartment building with balconies
Inside Albo’s bargain inner city rental
Anthony Albanese has moved to evict a tenant at his Sydney investment property after years of “half-market” rent.
a person is using a vacuum to clean the floor with an orange substance in it
Dyson WashG1: Tech-giant unveils new floor cleaner for Aussie homes
Dyson has unveiled a new “2-in-1” product which mops and picks up dry debris at the same time in response to the growing shift away from carpets in Australian homes.
a wooden dresser sitting in front of a white brick wall with brown knobs on it
Laws to stop toppling furniture deaths
Suppliers will need to provide safety warnings about the dangers of toppling furniture under new laws that aim to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by falling furniture.
a person is holding up a cup that has been filled with liquid and the words, the devil works hard but my $ 99 kmart spot cleaner works harder
$99 viral Kmart item that shoppers adore
A $99 item from Kmart has gone viral as some claim it is better than an item that is double the price.
a sold sign in front of a house
Five mistakes hopeful homeowners are making
Families looking to enter the housing market face an uphill battle with cost-of-living pressures and rate hikes, but one expert says there are five things they must not do.
a white house with a red door next to a tree
‘Aggressive’: Neighbour war erupts over trees
Welcome to Sisters In Law,’s weekly column solving all of your legal problems. This week, our resident lawyers and real-life sisters Alison and Jillian Barrett from Maurice Blackburn tackle your rights when it comes to neighbours’ demands around overhanging trees.
a bathroom sink with plants hanging on the wall and toiletries in front of it
‘Absolutely perfect’: Frenzy over Kmart dupe of $145 plant stand
A $29 Kmart item has sparked a frenzy, after shoppers pointed out it was the “absolutely perfect” stand-in for a more expensive product.
several different types of women's shoes and accessories laid out on a black surface
Airport oddities to be auctioned off
More than 2500 unclaimed items left behind at Australia’s busiest international airport will be auctioned off for charity, including a wedding dress, an electric scooter, and a stash of Star Wars merchandise.
an older woman with eyeliners on her face is shown in this undrecogni
Pressure mounts on government over detainee handling
The Opposition has turned up the pressure on Immigration Minister Andrew Giles over the management of ex-detainees and the decision to not place ankle monitoring requirements on a man who is alleged to have attacked a Perth grandmother.
a balding man wearing glasses and a suit speaks into a microphone while standing in front of a blue backdrop
Dutton’s nuclear delay ‘meltdown’
Peter Dutton has been accused of having a “nuclear meltdown” after he refused to detail when his long-awaited energy policy would be released.
a man standing next to a white tesla logo on the side of a building with his arms crossed
The Aussies priced out of electric revolution
Well-to-do Aussies with a green streak are installing expensive batteries in their homes to soak up their solar energy, but not everyone can afford to follow suit.