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Aries has no problem burning bridges if it means forward movement and personal growth

Aries has no problems burning bridges if it means forward movement and personal growth. Explains why I'm an Aries.

So quit your fuck'n bullshit manipulative lies!!!

Fact - it is almost impossible to hide anything from an Aries individual who has recognized his or her power of intuition, & for this reason those born under this sign develop quickly the gifts of the spirit.

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I'm actually a big bubble blowing baby. I don't think friends have been there when I cry but if they were they'd see a crying possibly maybe screaming girl thats gonna have a panic attack

yes, 7pm I leave everyone downstairs and sit in my comfy chair in my room...ahhhh

Aries have a great need for privacy & personal space, loving to sit thinking for long hours & coming up with highly original plans & projects.

Robbie Goddard sharing the most amazing pictures of trees. tree Ancient Eye Photograph - Ancient Eye Fine Art Print

The trees of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, in the White Mountains near Bishop, California, are the oldest living recorded organisms on Earth. Many of the trees are over years old, with the “Methuselah” tree dated at more than years old.


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