They are the kind of lollies you won’t mind your kids having. Homemade Gummy Bears in 4  whole food (no juice or sugar) flavours and many more possible combinations. Tasty, healthy, fun and s…

Homemade Gummy Bears with No Added Sugar

Paleo Brownies That Blew Me Away - Recipe

Chocolate Brownies That Blew Me Away

This super moist and rich paleo chocolate brownie recipe uses sweet potato as the main starch. It& gluten, grain and dairy free and taste delicious.

Healthy Mars Bar Cake. Raw, Vegan and Paleo! AKA Magical Mars Bar Cake.

Healthy Mars Bar Cheesecake

Healthy Mars Bar Cake - Dessert Ideas - Healthy Sweets from The MerryMaker Sisters

Banana Bread (gluten free)  : The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter

Gluten Free Banana Bread - super healthy way to solve your sugar craving problem Cut recipe in half, used one egg, added extra maple syrup in addition to the honey.

30-minute, 10-ingredient vegan gluten-free brownies that are naturally sweetened, fudgy, and studded with chocolate chips and nuts!

Easy Vegan Gluten-Free Brownies

FUDGY Vegan Gluten Free Brownies in 30 minutes and 10 ingredients! Rich, chocolatey, studded with dark chocolate and pecans!

Quick and Easy Picnic Bar Bliss Balls

Quick and Easy Picnic Bar Bliss Balls. Free from gluten, grains, dairy, egg and refined sugar. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

I fondly remember eating Coconut Rough when I was a kid, along with redskins, toffee apples, mint patties, life savers, paddle pops and tons of other sugary treats. These days, I try to keep these types of sweets away from my children. It does make me feel a bit sad, but with the evidence i

Coconut Rough

Work Snacks: Healthy Coconut Rough by Vanessa Vickery — Raspberry Magazine

Healthy Raspberry

Healthy Raspberry & Cream Paleo Lollies

These healthy Raspberry and Cream Paleo Lollies are the perfect alternative to sugar filled lollies! Easy to make and extra delicious.

I never use to be a coconut girl, I wasn’t ever fully convinced on the flavour but recently I’ve become pretty obsessed with it and now I’m eating coconut with everything! I’m having a serious coconut love affair. It’s particularly awesome sprinkled on top of my morning smoothie alongside slithered almonds and raw cacao nibs …

Raw coconut and cacao bites // Deliciously Ella (loads of other raw and vegan recipes too)


Lamington Bliss Balls

Australia Day is just around the corner and so that means BBQ's, pavlova, fish and chips and these Lamington Bliss Balls. These Lamington Bliss Balls are yummy, super easy to make and tick most of the boxes.