The Finest of Finishes: Onix by Phoenix Tapware

Vivid-Twin-Shower-Matte-Black_Hero shower set not available in States. do like the black-framed glass wall


black and Wood modern kitchen, printed tiles

Jessica de Ruiter's rustic and simple kitchen

Jessica Deruiter The Hive- open shelving

Minimal kitchen // Toby Scott

Love the warmth of the wood cabinets, and white walls. No upper cabinets. Ipswich House for Real Living

Making storage space in small space. That type of open shelving (good height, you can just reach for whatever you need) is convenient, something I want to consider when reno-ing.

Cocinas blancas IV

All you need to do when you design small kitchen spaces is to stay open minded and use your imagination. There are many small kitchen design ideas that can be incorporated fairly easy without havin…

black shower screen channel from collins & queen development

Always have a soft spot for ultra modern/minimalist bathrooms.

Horizontal planks on back of island, yellow stools, open shelving, small modern kitchen

Black alcove

Oh my god, I'm SERIOUSLY loving the natural wood cabinets, the white thick counters, the black accent wall, and the open shelving. It looks so fucking sexy with the new stainless steel appliances. But I would definitely have a different floor.

Do you want a concealed benchtop or flat bench top (like this photo)?  Think about how you use the kitchen.  Would you mind seeing dishes from the dining table or would you like a barrier? Concealed I think.

Phoenix out of the Ashes: Minimal Lines/ Warm Materials

Cozy Modern Home Design by Doherty Lynch: Wonderful Kitchen Design At Finnon Glen House With White Granite Countertop And Wooden Kitchen Island Also Darkwood Table ~ SFXit Design Architecture Inspiration

Birch Ply Kitchen by Matt Antrobus

Formica & BIrch Ply Kitchens and Worktops by Matt Antrobus

Seriously, is there anything better than Scandinavian interior design?  Rustic + Modern all at the same time! LOVE!

black eames in a white and wood room. designs design ideas decorating before and after home design house design

Elmer's glue on canvas. Then paint the whole thing one color.

Elmer's Glue on Canvas, then paint the whole thing. I have totally done this, but with a hot glue gun. Elmer's Glue seems to be a better idea since hot glue leaves behind strings and is harder to work with.