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VOX "1966" Vintage ~ Guitar-Organ and Phantom XII

1966 Vox Guitar-organ and Phantom XII. The Guitar-organ was a Dick Denney creation that combined the mechanical elements of a Phantom guitar with the oscillators of a Continental electric keyboard

"I like products with discreet technology," explains Balogh, "when they serve me, my real needs, and make my life easier rather than simply changing my days." He calls out the Nest thermostat and Apple's Airport Express as prime examples of technology being applied discretely without obscuring functionality. "They're just ticking away in the background, making your life easier."

For now this is just a concept, but this looks brilliant. Gábor Balogh put together this smart watch concept using a TRIWA Watches silhouette. Would you guys rock a smart watch that looked like this? Check out Gábor's Behance page here.