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Learning about other cultures through their art and pairing it with English and Geography. Aboriginal Art is a fantastic topic for children. They will learn a little about who the Australian Aboriginals are, their symbols and what and how they paint.

The British Museum

London Culture Vultures

The British Museum this is the best place to learn about everything past in the most interesting way time flies as you go through rooms filled with objects from civilizations all over the world.

1903 Suffragette defaced penny. Collection of the British Museum. (via Anonymous Works: Votes for Women)

SUFFRAGE COIN: This coin – a perfectly ordinary penny minted in 1903 – was part of this civil disobedience. Stamped with the suffragette slogan “votes for women”, it circulated as small change, and spread the message of the campaigners.

Head of Roman Emperor Hadrian, in the British Museum, Bronze

For we take a look at remarkable objects lost, discarded or sacrificed in the River Thames