Australian Bush Tucker Macadamia Dwarf

The Dwarf Macadamia is A dwarf Macadamia selection, growing to only about half normal size.

Gubinge: the Australian Indigenous Superfood and the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet

Territory True: The Kakadu Plum, a traditional bush food here in the NT, has the highest vitamin C content in the world. One single plum has over 50 times the vitamin C found in an orange.

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Bush tucker plants are the new vogue in Australian cuisine — a few species have even sky rocketed.

greens | Warrigal greens: Aboriginal Use of Native Plants

These grow like mad - a good, easy groundcover plant to establish in the Bush Tucker garden. This grows in our garden all year long. Also called New Zealand spinach.

Australian native superfoods: Kakadu plum

Kakadu Plum or Gubinge is one of the superfoods of the Australian indigenous people. Kakadu Plum is now known to be the richest source of vitamin C of any fruit in the world, with levels over 900 times higher than the same weight of blueberries.

Finger Lime ‘Pink’ – Citrus australasica | van Veen Organics

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