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So pretty (but the dark green plant in the back is very poisonous to dogs, if they even just chew on the plant leaves)

Leichhardt landscape design project. Photography Natalie Hunfalvay. Architect CDArchitects

The services provided by Adam Robinson Design for landscape design, landscape styling, and interior styling in Sydney, Australia.

Plantas de Interior para Purificar los Ambientes Desintoxican, refrescan y convierten cualquier lugar en un relicto agradable que nos da felicidad y quitan la depresión. Si vives en la ciudad las plantas que te mostraremos a continuación evitarán que los agentes tóxicos y contaminantes te enfermen a ti y a tu familia Link en la imagen!! #SiendoSaludable #Plantas #PlantasdeInterior

Plantas de Interior para Purificar los Ambientes

Sansevieria, or the Mother-in-Law's Tongue / Snake Plant is easy care house plant. The Snake plant is the ultimate for those without a green thumb.

Lava stone circular plant pots

Each of these balls is carved from one piece of solid lava stone. With a super wow factor they make a great planter, candle holder or decorating feature, inside or out. The Block Glasshouse.