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what makes a classroom family? Can go along with lesson for 'Pumpkin Soup' during the fall. "Ingredients for a loyal friend" or "ingredients for a cooperative classroom". Vocabulary for lesson: loyal, cooperate

Australian animal - Echidna Art n Craft - Matchsticks

Create your very own multi-coloured emu. child aged months should be able to count to so encourage their counting skills by counting how many spikes are on your echidna.

possum morning tea- a tea set up to follow a childrens book, I have never heard of any of these "foods" but am excited to find them and try them

Possum Morning Tea

Create a magical possum morning tea for the kids without hours of preparation (inspired by the book Possum Magic)

Wombat Stew recipe - fantastic scaffolding idea

Wombat Stew Recipe - your kids get to eat mud, feathers, flies creepy crawlies with this yummy recipe!

A Week of Playdough

A Week of Playdough: A week long Reggio-inspired playdough provocation