Cat-Eyed Cowgirls - The Ymre Stiekema Vogue Germany Shoot Features Fringed Style (GALLERY)

Cat-Eyed Cowgirls

Ymre Stiekema Vogue Germany March 2011 - The Ymre Stiekema Vogue Germany March 2011 editorial takes to the dusty desert. The wardrobe is part hippie, part cowboy and all fabulous. The trib.

A guide to the underground Outback town of Coober Pedy, underground town

A guide to the bizarre Outback underground town of Coober Pedy

A guide to the underground Outback town of Cobber Pedy WARNING: You may have to book a trip to the Outback after reading this!

Moon Plain - Coober Pedy - really spewing that the road was closed due to bad weather and we couldn't actually go out here, wah!

Moon Plain - Coober Pedy would love to go back here when bubs is a bit older show him the underground houses and show andy the ship from pitch black

Mullock heaps could be a cool backdrop as well.

Opal Mines Coober Pedy, Outback, South Australia (C) South Australian Tourism Commission

Amazing rock formations

Amazing rock formations

This is apparently around the Coober Pedy area - probably miles away but looks really pretty!

Coober Pedy is an interesting town in the South Australia outback. Here is some information about the town’s attractions, a map of Coober Pedy Australia, photos and practical advice for visitors.

stock-photo-beauty-woman-in-white-dress-walking-in-desert-82383322.jpg (299×470)

stock-photo-beauty-woman-in-white-dress-walking-in-desert-82383322.jpg (299×470)