snugglepot and cuddlepie

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In Honour of May Gibbs

Gibbs, May (1877 - 1969)(born 17 January 1877, died on 27 November 1969) Artist and author, the daughter of H. W. Gibbs of Perth, WA, and Surrey, England. She was about four when she arrived in...

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May Gibbs on Drought

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie peered down at Scottie. The burden of the drought lay heavily on the Creatures in Gumnut Town. There were stern water restrictions. Notices pasted on walls in the town said: "Creatures, save the water." "Creatures, take care of the drips, the gallons will take care of themselves." "Creatures, bathe one half one day, and one-half the next." "Creatures, wear your clothes first one side and then the other." "Creatures, use dry shampoo." Each day over the air a loud…

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May Gibbs; artist: images of Snugglepot, Cuddlepie, Little Lobelia, Ragged Blossom eucalyptus gumnut babies

I went out for a walk by the sea, and sat on a bollard to think. Silent, but for the clink of a boat. Still water. Many gum trees in full blossom. In Australia, we believe very small people called Gum Nut Babies live in gum nuts. They also wear little skirts made of eucalyptus flowers. They wear adorable little fluffy hats.

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Book Illustrations - May Gibbs

“It’s hard to tell, hard to say, I don’t know if the bush babies found me or I found the little creatures.” Working first as an illustrator of other author’s books, May found success in 1916 when the first of her own books was published. On 5th December 1916 Gum-nut Babies was published in a booklet format followed... Read more »