"The best travel book I have ever read" my review of Guy Delisle's wonderful graphic take on Jerusalem!

Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City: Guy Delisle, Helge Dascher (Graphic Book)

Love reading about football? Pick up Luca Caioli's bestselling biography of Lionel Messi for just Rs 56 on the Amazon Kindle. Hell of a deal, I think.

Messi: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend - 2013 Updated Edition

Karen Blumenthal's excellent biography of Steve Jobs, The Man Who Thought Different, available for just Rs 56 on the Kindle. Staggeringly good deal. http://www.ebookbargains.in/2015/01/hunting-for-jobs-karen-blumenthals.html

Hunting for Jobs? Karen Blumenthal's "Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different" for just Rs 56

A fantastic deal - Jimmy Burns' classic biography of Maradona, Hand of God, for just Rs 47 on Kindle!

There have been a number of books written about football legend, Diego Maradona (including one by the man himself), but the general con.

The best book on Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, William Shirer's epic Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, now for only Rs 300, on the Kindle. Staggering deal, I think.  #AdolfHitler #ThirdReich

When the Third Reich fell, it fell swiftly. The Nazis had little time to cover up their memos, their letters, or their diaries. William L. Shirer’s definitive book on the Third Reich uses these… read more at Kobo.

One of the best books written about Mahatma Gandhi.  It costs Rs 599 in paperback.  It is available for just Rs 73 on the Kindle.  Download it.  Happy Republic Day.  http://www.ebookbargains.in/2015/01/epic-e-book-ramachandra-guhas-gandhi.html

Epic e-book: Ramachandra Guha's Gandhi Before India for just Rs 73 on Kindle