Ellipse Bubbler Water Feature $695.00–$2,195.00

Ellipse Bubbler Water Feature



Shallow Bowl Feature Package $1,480.00–$1,780.00

Shallow Bowl Package

Black Louver Copper Wall $2,200.00–$3,900.00

Black Louver Copper Wall

Perugia Copper Waterfeature

Are you looking for a unique water fountain in Melbourne? rock & stone stands at your disposal with a wide selection of outdoor furniture and water features, including the Perugia Copper Waterfeature, a popular choice among customers.


This compact x courtyard comprises of a striking water feature, which creates a tranquil ambience along with the cascading spillways around the planter boxes.

Black Abstract Copper Wall  $2,200.00–$3,900.00

Black Abstract Copper Wall

Black Abstract Copper Wall $2,200.00–$3,900.00

Napoli Copper Waterfeature

rock & stone offers a wide selection of water features in Melbourne. If you wish to buy a beautiful garden water fountain, you should check out our Napoli Copper Waterfeature. This unique water feature is the perfect choice for those looking for a durable

Grey concrete bowl with legs

Grey concrete bowl with legs

Copper Insert Wave Design $1,195.00–$3,900.00

Copper Insert Wave Design