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Holy cow!! For those times tailgating when you forget speakers and don't wanna…

For those times tailgating when you forget speakers and don't wanna kill your truck battery. Toilet paper roll and Dixie cups! Gonna have to try this with my iPad using a paper towel roll.

all they are doing is sitting down. and it is very cool.

This is Forced Perspective. The guy with the bike and the girl looks like their sitting and the other guy looks like he is hanging but really they are laying down on the ground. Its is from the angle and the way you look at it is called forced perspective

The boy who sassed. But honestly, let's all just realize BOOK HARRY was WAYYYY funnier and sassier and less constipated than movie harry. (Still love you DanRad)

13 Times Harry Potter Was Way Too Sassy… Happy Birthday To The Boy Who Lived! Book Harry was so much sassier than Movie Harry

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Misty Forest The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography - organic adventure in the wild through a forest of evergreen trees in the fall autumn through fog like a hippie boho bohemian black and white silhouette photo through fog

Reflection Photography apply it to film by having someone step into the puddle and then blur the image

this photo represents reflectuion because of the building being reflected into the puddle of water on the ground. I like this photo because I think it's a great example of reflection and also the building is really cool.


Action Sport Photography That Will Make Your Adrenaline Pump Faster - Action sports shots have told of victories and losses, and captivated people across the